Our reservoirs

We design, fabricate and restore all types of fiberglass reservoirs. In less than 24 hours, we’re on the move to repair your reservoirs and other containers. For 20 years we have been refining our expertise thanks to working with clients in each industry, operating in the most challenging conditions: in confined areas and high spaces, with respiratory and fall protection, hot work operations, at building sites, etc.

Our reservoirs

Due to its properties, fiberglass is one of the strongest allies for a great number of industries that require reservoirs. Its lightness, insulating capacity, high-impact resistance, and chemical inertness impart many benefits that distinguish its quality as a container for other materials. Furthermore, our inventory allows us to react rapidly to your most critical needs.

Our reservoirs

Optimize your production line and conserve your fabrication materials thanks to the technology that is the most advanced and advantageous in cost-effectiveness. Fiberglass can effectively last up to three times longer than other materials could in its place.

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