Our pipes

From east to west, we have designed, produced and installed fiberglass pipes for the past two decades. Available in less than 24 hours for your urgent production needs, our team delivers a key solution from design to installation. Our chemical expertise allows us to create alloys tailor-made to the environment in which your pipelines are located.

Our pipes

Over the past few years, fiberglass technology has evolved significantly, allowing it to become a top quality alternative to traditional pipes. Simultaneously light, resistant, non-corrosive and economical, fiberglass pipelines currently have no equal competitor on the market. Furthermore, its hydraulic properties are vastly superior to other materials due to a smooth inner liner that reduces friction.

Our pipes

Increase your hydraulic efficiency and prolong your industrial equipment’s sustainability. Gain operational flexibility thanks to the fiber’s versatility. Grant yourself peace of mind by working with a devoted team that is available and able to intervene in any environment at a moment’s notice.

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