Promotional Material

Fiberglass promotional material

With multiple successful publicity campaigns under our belt, Fibromoule has cultivated a deep understanding of the universe of publicity and its inherent constraints, such as delays, budgets and precise deadlines. Our team’s flexibility and experience assure clients that we are capable of the reactivity this industry demands.

Fiberglass promotional material

Fiberglass’ malleability and lightness make it a choice material for communication initiatives. The possibilities of its use are practically infinite, and fiberglass advertisements are perfect for catching the consumer’s eye and inciting their interest while still successfully getting the brand’s message across

Fiberglass promotional material

Our integrated service offering allows us to propose a turnkey delivery to our clients, from the design to the installation of the promotional material in question within the context of its use. In addition to all of this, you will have access to the most accomplished level of workmanship on the market, acquired throughout several artistic mandates for the entertainment industry.

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